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Point Arena and Gualala 
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Mark your calendar!


We're thrilled to announce that farmer’s market season is almost here! Join us at the Gualala farmer’s market on Saturdays starting Memorial Day weekend and in Point Arena the following week, Friday May 31st. It's a great opportunity to support your local producers and enjoy some fresh seafood!

For our final roadside sales, we have some exciting offerings. Captain Peter Bogden will be crabbing again this week, providing us with a fresh batch of crab. Did you know that Dungeness crab communicate by drumming or waving their pincers, creating a sort of "crab language" to interact with each other?


We'll also have fresh Sablefish, also known as black cod, caught by Captain Anthony on the F/V Spellbound out of Fort Bragg. Captain Anthony is one of the only long-line sablefish fishermen in our local waters, using hooks and lines to individually pull each fish aboard.

Our favorite superfood, the Humboldt Bay Pacific “Moonstruck” oysters, will also be available. Fun fact: Pacific oysters first mature as males, then later develop female reproductive capabilities. Each female can produce between 50 and 200 million eggs during a spawning event!

Looking for high-quality frozen seafood? Our frozen options are always frozen close, if not on the same day as the catch, ensuring top quality. This week’s frozen options include Point Arena Rockfish, Fort Bragg Sablefish fillet and tips, Alaskan Pacific Halibut (ON SALE), Wild Alaskan Coho and Sockeye, and Sushi Grade Side Stripe Shrimp.

Supporting small-scale fisheries is important for local economic and environmental sustainability.  Not only does it provide jobs but small-scale fisheries use more sustainable practices, helping to protect marine ecosystems and maintain fish stocks.


Pick-up locations and times are:​

- Friday, MAY 17th from 3:00-4:00 pm at 140 Main St. Point Arena (the Druids Hall)
- Saturday, MAY 18th from 9:30-12:30 am at the Gualala Pull Out (Rain or Shine)


Pre order window closes Friday at 11am.

Pre-Order Form

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