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Get to Know Us

Little Dory Seafood Co. was founded by two passionate and adventurous fisherwomen, Elissa and Emilie, with a deep-rooted connection to the sea and a shared vision of sustainable fishing practices, they are excited about bringing local fish to their community.


Elissa, turned to commercial fishing after a decade long career in education. Inspired by her fisherman partner, and family she got her first job salmon fishing in southeast Alaska. From that first season she knew she found her calling. Fishing between Point Arena and Alaska over the last 8 years, Elissa has fished salmon, sablefish, halibut, Dungeness crab and rockfish. Coastal work and living keeps her pretty busy but she always has time for a good fish story. 



Emilie's love for coastal living began with her upbringing on Quadra Island, BC.  As a young girl living on a remote island, she would spend her days riding the ferry to and from school and playing on the beach near her best friend's oyster farm.  After leaving the island, Emilie traveled around chasing swell until she met her husband and settled in Point Arena, CA.  Her interest in the ocean and sustainable living lead her to her first season Dungeness crab fishing on the California coast, and the rest is history!

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