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Cloverdale Farmer's Market
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Happy Mother’s Day! 

Thank you to all the Mamas who have come to see us at the Cloverdale Farmer’s Market. We have really enjoyed providing fresh seafood for all your culinary needs.  

This week on the coast has been a dream.  The weather was hot and the seas were calm and glassy.  This means our local fishermen were busy making the best of the weather window.  Peter on the F/V Moli out of Point Arena made a Rockfish trip with his deckhand Jay.  The guys use fishing rods to target nearshore Rockfish.  Each fish is hand caught, bled and iced on arrival.  We love Rockfish for it’s flaky, mild taste.  It’s great for fish tacos, soups, or you can substitute it for our Halibut Piccata recipe!

Next on the menu is our other favorite catch, Sablefish.  Sablefish aka Butterfish aka Black Cod is a deep sea fish that is known for its rich taste and high Omegas.  This week’s catch comes from the ladies on the F/V Princess.  Not only is Sablefish delicious, but it helps support or local fishing fleets.  With the closure of California Salmon for the summer, buying Sablefish allows our fleets to continue to fish and support their local businesses. We will also have a selection of freshly smoked Sablefish available first-come, first-served.

Lastly for fresh items this week, we will have Cortes Island Oysters on offer.  You can order these by the dozen or half dozen.  They are perfect for shucking and eating with lemon.  However, their rough shells also hold up well on the BBQ.  For BBQ oysters you can simply place them on the grill until their shells begin to crack open.  Remove them (with gloves on, they will be hot) and open them with an oyster knife.  Place them back on the BBQ and add cheese, butter, bacon or whatever other toppings you enjoy.  Wait for it all to melt, remove (with gloves on or tongs), and enjoy!

We will also be carrying a variety of other sustainable frozen & tinned seafood items:


-Wild Alaskan Sockeye & Coho Salmon
-Wild Alaskan Halibut
-Wild Alaskan Side Stripe Shrimp
-Bodega Bay Tuna Tins

-Wildfish Alaskan Smoked Coho & King Salmon Tins

-Barnacle Seafoods Piri Piri Hot Sauce

If you are new to our preorder form:

You will then be able to “preorder” some of these items for pick up at the Tuesday Cloverdale farmer’s market. We do not take credit card payment with your preorder. However, once you preorder, that is your commitment to come pick up your items at the market. Please let us know via email if anything changes and you cannot make it to receive your order.

Once at the market, we accept cash, Venmo, or credit card for your convenience!

See you Tuesday in Downtown Cloverdale from 3-6pm!

Cloverdale Farmer's Market
Pre-Order Form

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